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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Angel as guest co-host for Turbo Time

This April 2 (Saturday), 1pm-2:30pm (0500-0630 GMT worldwide sked) DJ Angel will be a guest co-host in the car radio show Turbo Time (hosted by Mike Potenciano & Lindy) at 106.7 Dream FM (in Mega Manila) or listen thru www.1067dreamfm.com

Expect the summary here

Angel, RA, etc. as winners in Volvo Philippines video contest

Almost a month ago, Angel announced in her FB page to pls. vote/like on their video entry for Volvo Phils. with Alodia Gosiengfiao & Shawn Yao (directed by RA Rivera) entitled “My Love, My Desire, My Sexy Beast”

Yesterday, Volvo Phils. FB page just posted a latest status message & the mentioned video was the chosen winner

In behalf of Brewrats Live, congratulations!

DJ Angel's Anime/Gaming Night premiere at Dig Radio (summary)

The show already started at past 10:15pm

Her guest was one of the "always present" in the past anime nights, photographer Jay Tablante

They had some discussions including on phonethics, cosplay, New York comicon, Marvel vs Capcom 3 &  The Avengers movie

The World Is Mine
a track from Initial D
a track from Devil May Cry
Space Boy - Initial D
+ 3 tracks

Sunday, March 27, 2011

DJ Angel's Anime and Gaming Night starting March 30

Missing DJ Angel's Anime  & Gaming Nights way back from U92 and NU days?

Well, here's some good news. She will bring back those days back now in a weekly basis

DJ Angel's Anime and Gaming Night, starting March 30 every Wednesday 10pm-12mn (or 1400-1600 GMT worldwide schedule) on Dig Radio via www.digradio.ph

But after that episode starting April 7, the timeslot will be changed from 9pm (1300 GMT)

Father Francis as guest (once again) next month

Got the info thru DJ Angel’s twitter. Mark your dates this April 14 ep. of The BrewRATs @ www.pinoytuner.com

Friday, March 25, 2011

Senior Year movie 2nd run this April

April 13 to 19, 2011
Glorietta 4 and Trinoma cinemas

Ramon Bautista was one of the actors of the said movie

Source: Senior Year FB fan page

Brewrats Live at The Brewrats First Day at Dig Radio

Lucky that we are the only ones (among the brewsters) who had a chance to took some pics of the Brewrats first day at Dig Radio. It was also a special day coz it was Tado's birthday. 

We wanna thank first the RATs for welcoming us with open arms and to the friendly people of Dig Radio

Captions to these pictures will be available soon. Just enjoy first the pictures (don't worry, it was arranged in chronological order)

Ep. 637 Summary (First day at Dig Radio)

First episode of the RATs at Dig Radio. It's Tado's birthday, too

They had topics on their current and upcoming individual projects, Pacman quits Twitter, suggestions for new segments (like the proposed the return of "Brewrats Idol" and create your own dance step which you'll have to upload via Youtube) and Tado's upcoming indie film directed by Brillante Mendoza

They had the FMD band and they sang 11 songs including J-J-Mon and Emote Control 

Tado also jammed with the band (2 songs including a cover of Knockin On Heaven's Door by Guns N Roses)

Coz it's Tado's birthday, they had a little "blowing of the cake" ceremony thru the help of Francis Reyes

Tado and Ramon also played Pinoy Henyo, even Francis Reyes

The show already ended at past 12:30am 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tado in Magic Palayok March 15 2011 (video)

For those who were not contented to the summary that was posted a week ago or if you want to watch it again. Here it is, Tado's guesting in Magic Palayok

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Brewrats 2nd Webcast Part 2 summary + playlist

This unpublished blog was about the playlist of the RATs in their Ustream webcast way back November 2010

Matina Town Square-Zach Lucero
Astro – R. Sago Project
Dahan Dahan-Eheads
Miron-Twisted Halo
Stormy Night-Pedicab
1979-Smashing Pumpkins
Flourescent Adolescent-Arctic Monkeys
Damaged Goods-Gang of 4
Huling El Bimbo-Eheads
A Day in the Life
,You Cant Do That,Ticket to Ride – The Beatles
Smile Like You Mean It-The Killers
Ipagpatawad Mo-VST & Co.
Walang Kadaladala-Sandwich
Fill Her-Eheads
Dito Tayo sa Dilim-Pedicab
+ 5 tracks

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tado in GMA's Magic Palayok

(Just minutes ago) We just saw Tado in GMA’s Magic Palayok (Weekdays, 5:50pm or before 24 Oras)

From what we know, it was Tado’s first day of appearance in the said TV show

He played the role as detective Mak Enriketts. His job was to find the whereabouts of Cookie (played by Angeli Nicole Sanoy, the lead star in the TV show) thru the command of Natasha (played by Chynna Ortaleza, one of the “kontrabidas” of the show)

Hoping that we will see more of Tado in Magic Palayok. We will post some videos of his appearance ASAP so always be updated to this site

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ramon Bautista in Jeepney Joyride's music video Ayoko Na Sa Yo

Here it is, brewsters!

Ramon in Tonight With Arnold Clavio Part 3 (word-by-word)

(click the blog post title to see the entire article)

FYI, Ramon's guesting at Tonight With Arnold Clavio had a replay last March 6, 2011

Here's the part 3 of that guesting. This contains the first part of the show. Beside the host Arnold Clavio, there was an LCD TV with that photo slideshow of Ramon's pics

Arnold Clavio (A): Ayos, ayos! Paranng may kakumpetensya na tayo sa gandang lalake nito sa ano, News TV. Ikaw na yun.

Ramon (R): Kamusta kayo dyan?

A: At syempre, naku! Napanood namin yung plug (He talked about the May Tamang Balita ad video). Parang plug pa lang e, tawa na kami ng tawa. Anong klaseng balita ba ang mapapanood ng ating mga Kapuso sa May, May, ano ba?

R: May Tamang Balita

A: May Tamang Balita...

R: May tama kasi may patama yung mga balita kaya may tamang balita sa, ah...

A: (He's looking at the TV plug of the said show from the LCD TV). Wow, high-res a, nakasando! (Ramon was in a scene of an important story in PHL history reporting with just sando and shorts)

R: Yan, yan, ako yan! Ako yung panahon ni...

A: Wow! Ok yun a (he's still looking at the said TV plug)

R: Yan, so yung mga balita, may patama siya. Sa rally totoo. Kung nag-iisip ka, malalaman mo yung ano yung pinapatamaan namin, Sir

A: At ano ang kaibahan nito sa ibang news? Sa yung Saksi ko (GMA) o yung Balita Pilipinas (GMA News TV) at ano ang kaibahan. Newscast din yun e.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

DJ Angel guesting at Disenchanted Kingdom

At past 7pm, we got a tweet fr. DJ Angel that she might drop by to Disenchanted Kingdom on 99.5 RT

9pm, she was inside the booth with hosts DJs King DJ Logan, Marf & Anna Q-5

They talked about what happened to the RATs, the limited edition Nautica shirts (with Pinoy flag-inspired design), the old FB fan page ad of an FM station (which is related to the RATs FB page) & the Brewrats webcast starting March 24

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good news for those brewster students and teachets who will watch Senior Year

You only need to pay P100. Just present your official ID

Senior Year will be exclusive to SM Cinemas starting from March 9 to 15. Of course, Ramon Bautista was included in this film

For availability of this movie in your nearest SM Cinema, click this link for complete details plus their cinema hotlines

Guess what the name of Tado's we band + Ramon's back in rapping

These videos were taken at the Jeepney Joyride's Ayoko Na Sa Iyo video launch last March 4, 2011 (which also became the venue to that special Brewrats-related announcement - The Brewrats Return in Internet Radio)

First video was Tado's performance with his new band (just watch to find out) and do you remember Ramon's freestyle rapping way back from Palistuhan days of 2008? Well, he did it again. Just push the play button to enjoy the entire playlist

#ramonmaytamangbalita Twitter keyword for Ramon's May Tamang Balita

Minutes before the broadcast of the pilot episode of May Tamang Balita last Friday, we got a message from The Brewrats FB page (click here!)

And here come the brewsters who participated to tweet the particular keyword. Thank you veru much, brewsters!

Ramon in Tonight With Arnold Clavio Part 2 (word-by-word)

Here comes the part 2 of the summary of Ramon's guesting last March 3, 2011 on Tonight With Arnlod Clavio shown on GMA News TV. This time, we had the "word-by-word" version of the second part of the said program. Here it is:

Arnold Clavio (A): Balik tayo sa Tonight With Arnold Clavio. Kasama pa rin natin si Prof. Ramon Bautista. Balikan natin yung kabataan mo.

Ramon Bautista (R): Kabataan? Ok lang naman yun, e

A: Kahit noon ba, marami ka na ring gustong gawin sa buhay mo?

R: Di nung kabataan ko, sobrang mahiyain ako. Sa bahay lang ako, ayokong pumasok sa skwela, kasi iniisip ko yung mga manok sa amin. Masaya naman sila. Nakatambay lang sila dun pero narealize ko na yung mga manok pala kinakatay so ayoko na lang maging manok

A: So di dun ka na naexpose sa labas?

R: Yah, lumabas-labas na ako ng konti, ganyan tapos ok naman pala na may ginagawa

A: Bilang film teahcer sa UP, makulit ka raw magturo?

R: Depende kasi minsan may mga slow...

A: O seryoso ka rin?

(Click the blog post title to read the entire interview)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Brewrats Are Back in Internet Radio

We became curious on Angel’s tweet last night on a special Brewrats announcement at Jeepney Joyride’s Ayoko Na Sa Yo vid launch

Starting Mar. 24 & every Mon.-Thur. 9pm-12mn (Manila time) or 1300-1600 GMT (worldwide sked) @ Dig Radio Listen at www.pinoytuner.com

Friday, March 4, 2011

May Tamang Balita pilot ep. summary

1ST GAP: The show’s disclaimer & OBB, Ramon (in coat & tie and black shorts) & Sheena Halili as anchors, Instead of “Ulo ng mga Balita”, it’s Tuktok ng mga Balita
News: (Ramon) Impeachment vs. Merci Gucci, PeNoy’s pogi rating went down (w/ interview on PeNoy’s Porsche via Jologram FX)
Pa-star part: PeNoy wants to date Angel Lost-din

2ND GAP: News: (Sheena) Tong-ressman got amnesia (while Ramon’s eating), Ramon had an interview on Merci Gucci in the studio
Buti Nga part: Sitio Madilim, nagliwanag

3RD GAP: Balitaktakan part: Ramon meets PeNoy Pt. 1 (Wille Nep as PeNoy)

4TH GAP: Weather You Like It or Not part, Pa-star: Sen. Lapida, naimbyerna

LAST GAP: Ramon meets PeNoy Pt. 2, Manghuhulang ipis, inimbitahan sa Tsenado, Weather You Like It or Not
Pulso ng may Tama part: Saging Lang Ang May Puso?

Last scene: the anchors & staff ate some banana Q

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ramon in Tonight With Arnold Clavio Part 1

Minutes ago, Ramon Bautista was a guest in the 30-min. talk show Tonight With Arnold Clavio on GMA News TV

Hosted (as said in the title) by Arnold Clavio, he asked Ramon on almost everything: as an U.P. professor, as a former radio DJ & The Brewrats, commercial model & most important, to be a part of the said channel via his new show May Tamang Balita. He even did a “fake” magic trick ala Dan Michael using a piece of crackers

2nd gap, Arnold also interviewed Tado via a phone patch as Tado shared some things on Ramon.

Ramon was also asked on “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down” segment about the latest current events

Watch out for part 2 of this summary as we gonna have the “word-by-word” ver. of the show’s 2nd gap